James Franco’s Genius Movie Brain Is Tested in Jimmy Fallon’s 5 Second Challenge (Video)

“They’re little things that kids play with” is a terrible five-second clue for “Toy Story”

James Franco and Jimmy Fallon discovered just how difficult it can be to describe the plot of a movie in five seconds or less. In a new game on “The Tonight Show,” they tried to guess popular movies after such a short description, using no actors, characters or words from the film title.

It did not go well.

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In Franco’s defense, who struggled early, the rules were in flux. At first, they allowed character names so when he shouted “Neo!” it was clearly “The Matrix.” But then, they decided that made it too easy.

The worst clue of the night was, “They’re little things that kids play with” for “Toy Story,” while the best was, “It’s a bunch of girls; They send slacks to each other in the mail” for “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”

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As the game progressed they shortened it to three and then one second. The last clue for Franco was simply the word “You.”

“I’m in a lot of movies,” he countered.

Franco stopped by “Tonight Show” to chat about his new movie “Child of God” that hits theaters in limited run on Aug. 1 and VOD on Oct. 28.