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James Franco Invites Tommy Wiseau Onstage, Won’t Let Him Talk

”Somehow Tommy can’t even catch a break while apparently winning,“ tweets one observer

Filmmaker Tommy Wiseau didn’t get a chance to speak at the Golden Globes, but his appearance alongside winner James Franco did make him the second Top Trend on Twitter Sunday night.

The first person James Franco thanked when he got to the microphone to give his acceptance speech for winning Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical was Wiseau, who made and starred in the infamously bad film “The Room,” and whom Franco portrayed in “The Disaster Artist.”

Franco spoke about Wiseau’s inspiration: “I won’t wait for Hollywood, I’ll make my own movie,” Franco quoted Wiseau as saying 19 years ago. 

“It’s a story of friendship,” Franco said of cult favorite “The Room,” on which his “The Disaster Artist” is based. “This year, I’ve learned from all my friends and collaborators.” The older Franco brother also thanked his younger sibling Dave, who also appeared in the film. “When I went to NYU, I always said I wanted my own Cohen brother someone to collaborate with,” Franco said. Now, he realized that “I have my own Franco brother.”

Franco’s speech ended up getting cut off before he could hand the microphone over to Wiseau — but Twitter loved the fact that “The Room” star tried to grab it from Franco. Some were disappointed that Wiseau didn’t get a chance to speak.

“James Franco stopping Tommy Wiseau from talking into a live mic during the has robbed us of the best moment in entertainment that 2018 could have possibly offered,” one Twitter user said.

“Tommy Wiseau trying to steal the microphone during James Franco’s acceptance speech is my favorite moment of 2018 so far,” another said.

“James Franco inviting Tommy Wiseau onstage was great. But then not letting Tommy talk, not so great,” added another. “Somehow Tommy can’t even catch a break while apparently winning.”

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