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James Marsden, Michelle Monaghan Give Love a Second Chance in Nicholas Sparks’ ‘The Best of Me’ (Video)

The drama from the author of ”The Notebook“ tells the past and present story of two high school sweethearts who reconnect 20 years later

Getting blown up on an oil rig might be the best thing to ever happen to James Marsden in the newest Nicholas Sparks‘ adaptation, “The Best of Me.”

The latest trailer for the romantic drama from Relativity shows an explosion tossing Marsden into the ocean, an event which makes him realize how much he misses his first love, played by “True Detective” star Michelle Monaghan.

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The drama begins two decades earlier when Marsden’s younger self (Luke Bracey) first falls for the younger version of the love of his life (Liana Liberato), even if their families want to keep them apart due to the fact that she’s rich, and he’s poor.

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“The Best of Me,” directed by Michael Hoffman, hits theaters on Oct. 17.