James Woods Calls on Trump to ‘Unleash the Dogs of War’

Actor implores president to tackle societal ills that are “rotting the soul of our blessed America”

Who let the dogs out? Not Donald Trump, according to James Woods — though he sure wishes he would.

Actor and noted conservative James Woods took to Twitter on Wednesday to implore Trump to “get a Department of Justice with teeth” and to unleash “the dogs of war.”

Woods invoked a number of social ills in the post.

“Dear Mr. President, when will you get a Department of Justice with teeth? Voter fraud, criminal ‘sanctuary’ hideouts, mass illegal invasion, the opioid epidemic, gang murders, drug cartels are all rotting the soul of our blessed America,” Woods tweeted. “Unleash the dogs of war, sir. It is time.”

Woods’ laundry list of things “rotting the soul of our blessed America” notably omitted school shootings, a topic that took up much of Trump’s time on Wednesday. The president met with lawmakers to discuss gun control following the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, this month, which took the lives of 17 people.

“It was an honor to welcome bipartisan members of Congress for a discussion on SAFE schools and SAFE communities,” Trump tweeted Wednesday. “As we continue to mourn the loss of so many precious young lives in Parkland, we are determined to turn our grief into action.”