James Woods’ Twitter Tormentor Files Appeal in $10 Million ‘Cocaine Addict’ Lawsuit

Judge ruled that complaint could go forward on Wednesday

The man who actor James Woods sued for $10 million over a single tweet isn’t taking his recent legal setback lying down.

A notice of appeal was filed on behalf of the anonymous tweeter on Thursday, a day after a judge ruled that Woods’ lawsuit could go forward.

Woods filed his $10 million lawsuit in July 2015, claiming that the Twitter user who goes by the handle Abe List falsely called the actor a “cocaine addict” in a July tweet, thus jeopardizing Woods’ “good name and reputation on an international scale.”

A subsequent filing for the defendant claimed that Woods, an outspoken voice on Twitter, has routinely derided other people via the social media platform.

“Like a bully who can dish it out but can’t take it, Mr. Woods uses his wealth and fame to abuse the court system in order to punish and bully an obscure and much less powerful Twitter user who taunted him,” the filing for the defendant read.

The defendant, who goes by the Twitter handle Abe List, had sought to have Woods’ lawsuit on First-Amendment grounds.

On Wednesday, a judge denied the tweeter’s motion to strike Woods’ lawsuit. Following the ruling in his favor, Woods cheered the decision in a statement.

“The cruelty of having one’s reputation sullied by an anonymous coward is agonizing. My faith in the integrity of the court and the brilliance of my attorneys is vindicated by this victory,” Woods said. “I am deeply grateful to Judge Recana for his studious deliberation and wisdom in this case of wanton defamation. Twitter users beware: you are not above the law.”

Woods had previously made an unsuccessful legal bid to learn the defendant’s name.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.