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Jamie Foxx Can’t Stop Mocking ‘Beat Shazam’ Team Over Usher Song in Premiere (Exclusive Video)

Host is not impressed with two contestants on new Fox series

Jamie Foxx won’t let it go when two contestants miss an Usher song on the series premiere of Fox’s “Beat Shazam,” as seen in the exclusive sneak peek above.

In the unscripted show’s Thursday premiere, host Foxx assumes that Jazz and Chicky, who show off their step-dancing skills on the episode, will correctly be able to name the 2010 Usher hit “OMG.”

“Jazz and Chicky, this should be in your wheelhouse now,” Foxx tells them. “I know you know Usher, now. You better not have got this answer wrong.”

The Oscar winner then goes to the answer board and discovers that the two other teams correctly named the tune, with Jazz and Chicky being the only pair to miss it.

Foxx then teases the ladies by mimicking their dance moves. “All this, all that, and y’all ass done said ‘Love in the Club,'” the “In Living Color” alum quips. “They know their choreography, but let’s get these damn songs.”

The game show focuses on teams of two competing against each other and the clock to correctly identify popular songs. It counts Foxx, Mark Burnett (“The Voice”) and Jeff Apploff (“Don’t Forget the Lyrics!”) as executive producers.

“Beat Shazam” premieres on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.