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Jane Fonda Bristles at Megyn Kelly’s Plastic Surgery Question: ‘Really?’ (Video)

New ”Today“ show host’s first week does not seem to be going well with stars

Jane Fonda had the perfect way to shut down Megyn Kelly when the new “Today” show host asked about her plastic surgery.

“We really wanna talk about this right now?” Fonda snapped at the former Fox News star on Wednesday’s “Megyn Kelly Today.”

Fonda appeared on the show alongside Robert Redford to promote their new Netflix movie, “Our Souls At Night.” After a brief question about the movie and discussion about Fonda and Redford’s long history of sharing the screen, Kelly pivoted to Fonda’s looks.

“You, you’ve been an example to everyone, on how to age beautifully and with strength,” Kelly said before launching into a question about why Fonda doesn’t like talking about any “work” she’s had done.

Kelly tried to course-correct, saying, “Well, one of the things people think about when they look at you, is how amazing you look.”

But the Oscar-winning star offered only a curt reply. “Thanks,” Fonda said. “Good attitude. Good posture. Take care of myself.”

Moving on, Kelly asked Fonda what age she would go back to if she could. “Right now,” Fonda said.

This is the second time in Kelly’s first week as a daytime host that a celebrity interview has gone south.

“Will and Grace” star Debra Messing said she was “dismayed” by Kelly’s comments during the cast’s Monday appearance on the show, adding “regret going on.”

During that airing, Kelly asked a “Will & Grace” fan named Russell Turner if he “became” gay because of the show. “Is it true that you became a lawyer, and you became gay, because of Will?” she asked.

Watch Fonda’s response in the clip above.