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‘Jane the Virgin’ EP on Jane’s Love Choice, Britney Spears’ Arrival

”Her heart really told her it’s Michael and she’s positive about that,“ Jennie Urman tells TheWrap on end of love triangle

After more than a season of back and forth, “Jane The Virgin’s” titular character, now a mother, appears to have finally made a choice between Rafael, her baby’s father, and Michael, her ex-fiancee.

But how final is this choice?

“Her heart really told her it’s Michael and she’s positive about that,” showrunner Jennie Urman told TheWrap.

The next episode will see the fallout from Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) choice, including how Rafael (Justin Baldoni) will handle the news. Additionally, Monday’s episode will see Jane’s grandmother Alba (Ivonne Coll) take the first steps towards getting her green card and see Rogelio (Jamie Camill) face an old foe: Britney Spears.

The pop star makes her long-anticipated episode, playing herself, and below, Urman discusses Spears’ appearance, Jane’s choice, and the show’s continued treatment of immigration as a serious issue.

So Jane chose Michael! Is it really Michael?
Yes, her heart really told her it’s Michael and she’s positive about that.

We know Jane is getting married this season. So is Michael the guy she’s heading towards the altar with?
He’s the guy, at this point in the season, that she believes is the right person for her.

How is Rafael going to handle it?
He’s pretty devastated and angry and thinks she’s making a mistake. It’s difficult to watch her not choose the family, which is what he thinks the choice is about as well.

Alba is going for her green card. How major is this storyline going to be? Immigration is a topic the show has tended to treat pretty seriously in the past.
It is an ongoing story and her quest for her green card is something that we like dealing with and we will be hoping she gets.

What can you say about Britney Spears‘ appearance?
She comes to the Marbella for a specific reason and once Rogelio hears she’s here, he gets very angry and it turns out they have a backstory, a feud. He is determined to confront her and he hasn’t been able to until now because she’s blocked him from various social media and press events.

How was it having Britney on set?
She was great. We wrote it and luckily she liked it and responded and was happy with it. She was amazing, so easy to work with, game for anything, learned her dance with Gina in probably nine minutes. Such a pro.

“Jane The Virgin” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Stay tuned after the episode for more scoop from Urman.