January Jones Is Coming Out Guns Blazing in ‘Sweetwater’ Trailer (Video)

The "Mad Men" star leaves a trail of bodies in her wake as she seeks to avenge her husband's death

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 12:05 PM

"Every man travels the winter highway to either salvation or ruin," begins the trailer for "Sweetwater." In this case, it's a woman who seeks both. A very, very scorned woman.

In the film, "Mad Men" actress January Jones is widowed in 1886 New Mexico Territory when a neighboring sheep rancher murders her husband. In response, Jones takes to horseback — and to firearms — to avenge the death.

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When the decription of the strawberry-haired, purple-dressed, all-painted-up beauty reaches the town sheriff (Ed Harris), he does the opposite of what you might expect from a man of the law — aiding Jones' character in her quest for blood.

There is no release date yet for "Sweetwater."

Here's the trailer:


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