So, Jason Aldean Dressed as Lil Wayne for Halloween… (in Blackface)

Country singer’s costume strives a little too hard for realism

That doesn’t look good on you, Jason Aldean.

Country singer Aldean was the winner (for lack of a better word) of this year’s unofficial Celebrity Halloween Blackface Sweepstakes this year, thanks to an ill-chosen — or at least poorly executed — costume.

Aldean’s disguise of choice? Rapper Lil Wayne.

After photos of “Dirt Road Anthem” singer sporting the ensemble surfaced, a representative for Aldean confirmed to TMZ that he had, in fact, gone as Lil Wayne for Halloween.

Further awkward-ifying things: Aldean is an artist on Tidal, Jay Z’s streaming service, which Lil Wayne is also involved in.

The company holiday party should be interesting this year…

So far, Aldean has stayed mum on the topic on his social media accounts, possibly because he’s too red-faced with embarrassment to respond.

Hey, you know what would cover that up? Oh — never mind…