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Jason Bateman Confirms More ‘Arrested Development’ on the Way

Michael Bluth tweeted some surprising news Friday night

There’s plenty more “Arrested Development” on the way soon, if a tweet by star Jason Bateman is any indication.

Prodigal son Michael Bluth tweeted an update Friday evening that affirmed that not only is more of the show finally on the way, but that he’s officially signed on.

“Look very probable I’m going to put some miles on the Stair Car this summer,” he tweeted. “Just officially signed on to more ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT today.”

Chronicling the shenanigans of the self-centered, ostensibly wealthy, highly dysfunctional Bluth family “Arrested Development” originally ran for three seasons on Fox from 2003-06. It was a cult hit and critically acclaimed, but poor ratings led to the network canceling the series after three seasons. Netflix eventually picked it up for a fourth season that premiered in 2013. That 15-episode season, which picked up seven years after the show was canceled in 2006, war originally intended to serve as the lead-in to a movie, although executive producer Brian Grazer said back in 2015 that more episodes were on the way, alluding to a fifth season.

Grazer affirmed that the project was still in the works in January, stating that all the actors had agreed to continue.

“I think we’re really close to pulling it off finally,” Grazer told TheWrap. “All of the actors have agreed to do it and I think they’ve agreed to their compensation structure. That’s been the hardest-it’s all hard… But it should be happening soon.”

Season 4 ended with quite a few unanswered questions. What will happen to Buster now that he’s been arrested for murder? What will happen to the Bluth Company now that Gob is in charge? What is going on with George Bluth (although after Jeffrey Tambor’s turn in “Transparent” it might be best if we drop that storyline)?

It’s also seen something a renewed popularity thanks to the 2016 presidential election and what many people see as some eerie parallels between the Bluths and the Trumps.

Whether we get an “Arrested Development” movie or a new season, Netflix and its creators need to remember that it’s worth a shot, since there’s always money in that show banana stand.

TheWrap has reached out to Netflix for comment.