Jason Sudeikis Returns as Clueless Soccer Coach, Drives ‘Bradley Mini Cooper’ (Video)

Coach Lasso is a character the SNL alum created to promote NBC Sports coverage of the 2014-2015 Premier League season

NBC Sports Group is hyping up its upcoming Premier League coverage with the return Jason Sudeikis as Coach Lasso, who is trying his hand at talking about soccer instead of coaching it.

The new 6-minute mockumentary (above) follows Lasso — a bumbling American football coach — returning from England after his failed attempt to manage the Tottenham Hotspur soccer club.

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Now he’s trying his hand at providing commentary on the sport for NBC after spending “about six-and-a-half hours” coaching it.

Despite his wealth of experience, the clueless Lasso still doesn’t understand what “relegation” means, picks up a Mini Cooper he nicknames Bradley and still can’t figure out what offside means. Fortunately, U.S. Men’s National Team goalie Tim Howard, who also plays for the Premiere League’s Everton, makes a cameo to shed light on the penalty.

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Starting Friday, the creative advertisement for NBC’s  coverage of the 2014-2015 Premier League season will be shown on more than 19,000 movie screens in National CineMedia’s FirstLook pre-show program in AMC, Cinemark, and Regal Entertainment Group and other top theaters nationwide.

30-second TV spots will be rolled out across the networks of NBCUniversal next week.

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For a better understanding of who Lasso is, watch the first short mockumentary he appeared in, below: