EW Top Editor JD Heyman Axed After Complaints of ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Racially Insensitive’ Comments (Exclusive)

At least eight senior staffers lodged complaints with human resources at EW parent Meredith

JD Heyman was ousted as the top editor at Meredith’s Entertainment Weekly on Monday after multiple senior staffers filed complaints with the company’s human resources department accusing Heyman of creating a hostile workplace by belittling staffers and making “inappropriate” and “racially insensitive” comments, TheWrap has learned.

According to several individuals with knowledge of the events, at least eight senior EW employees banded together to file complaints over the last several months and several documented their case with emails as well as recordings.

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Lindsey Ellefson

Media reporter • lindsey.ellefson@thewrap.com • Twitter: @ellefs0n