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Jeb Bush Cameos as Emmys Uber Driver (Video)

”I’m in between jobs right now,“ former Florida governor and presidential candidate quips during opening skit

Julia Louis-Drefyus’ “Veep” character was given a ride by a surprising chauffeur during the opening skit of the 2016 Emmy Awards Sunday: former Florida governor and presidential candidate Jeb Bush.

In the skit, host Jimmy Kimmel stopped a presidential motorcade in his bid to get to the ceremony, and was rebuffed by President Selina Meyer after she found out he was just hosting the Emmys, not the Oscars.

Kimmel was then invited to sit up front with the driver, Bush, who quipped: “I’m in-between jobs right now.”

Saying you can make $12 an hour as a chauffeur, Bush went on to poke fun at himself and his failed presidential bid earlier this year.

“Are you nominated?” he asked Kimmel. “Wow. What’s that like?”

He also told Kimmel that when you run a positive campaign, you can’t lose — before saying of course that’s not true and kicking him out of his car.

Bush even made fun of his often-derided 2016 presidential campaign slogan: “Jeb exclamation point!”

Watch the bit below.