Jeb Bush Raises $114 Million in 6 Months, Outpaces Hillary Clinton

Former Florida governor averages $760,000 a day, beating Clinton’s $570,000 daily take

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Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign and the group supporting his candidacy have raised a combined $114 million in the last six months, outpacing Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s fundraising efforts.

Right to Rise, the super PAC promoting former Florida governor Bush’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination brought in more than $103 million in the first six months of the year.

Bush’s campaign separately announced it raised $11.4 million in the first 16 days since he officially entered the race for the White House on June 15, an impressive feat for just two weeks.

Bush averaged an impressive $760,000 a day in his first two weeks as a candidate while the former secretary of state raised about $45 million during the second quarter, averaging about $570,000 a day. Her super PAC raised another 15.6 million in six months.

His unprecedented sum illustrates the important role that super PACs will play in the 2016 race. By comparison, Mitt Romney’s super PAC, Restore Our Future, raised $153 million throughout the entire 2012 cycle.