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Jeb Bush Would Travel Back in Time to Kill Baby Hitler

”Hell yeah,“ GOP candidate says before citing ”Back to the Future“ trilogy as reason to proceed with caution

Jeb Bush doesn’t support abortions, but he does support going back in time to kill baby Hitler.

The GOP presidential candidate was speaking to the Huffington Post when he weighed in on the online debate the New York Times ignited last month when it polled readers, “Could you kill a baby Hitler?”

“Hell yeah, I would!” the former Florida governor said. “You gotta step up, man. That would be key.”

The answer to the most inconsequential issue of the 2016 campaign came after Bush gave out his personal email address to the public and was asked to read the “most bizarre” question someone had sent him.

Bush has done his research though, and cited “Back to the Future” as proof that traveling through time to assassinate one of the most destructive men in the history of the world could unravel the very fabric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire universe.

“The problem with going back in history and doing that, as we know from the series — what was the name of the Michael Fox movies? — ‘Back to the Future’, is that it could have a dangerous effect on everything else,” Bush said. “But I’d do it. I mean, Hitler.”