Jeff Bridges Gives Us Some Good Advice About Straws (Podcast)

The actor narrates the new environmental documentary “Living in the Future’s Past,” opening today

Jeff Bridges
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Jeff Bridges presents and narrates the new environmental documentary “Living in the Future’s Past,” which is about how the small decisions we make affect the entire planet. So we asked him about straws.

Specifically, California’s new rules on plastic straws. Bridges had a good idea — one that will make all your drinks tastier — and the Oscar winner talks about it on our latest “Shoot This Now” podcast. Listen on Apple or right here.

You haven’t heard about the straw thing? Last month, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that “prohibits dine-in restaurants from automatically providing plastic straws” and carries a $25 fine. The idea is that this small change — eliminating one source of plastic waste — will have a big cumulative benefit.

Bridges’ good idea is based on the fact that straws don’t have to be made of plastic, which is harmful to the environment, or paper, which is less harmful, but prone to sogginess.

Rather, he noted, we could all be drinking from straws made of something else. Something that everyone loves.

You can probably guess that this is a loose, freewheeling, Jeff Bridges-style Jeff Bridges interview in which we talk about whatever comes into our heads. He explains the concept of a “trim tab” as a metaphor for change, whether he’ll do another “Starman,” and how he tried to change the set of his other new film, “Bad Times at the El Royale,” which comes out next week.

He also tells us about his stint in the Coast Guard reserves, about acting with his father, Lloyd Bridges, on “Sea Hunt,” and says what he does to avoid criticism of Hollywood elites who push for environmental change.

Do we mention “Crazy Heart” and “The Big Lebowski” and drinking White Russians? Of course we do.

Just don’t think about drinking one from a plastic straw.

You can learn more about “Living in the Future’s Past,” directed by Susan Kucera, right here.