Jeffrey Epstein Denied Bail in Sex Trafficking Case

The financier was denied bail in his sex trafficking case Thursday

jeffrey epstein
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Financier Jeffrey Epstein was denied bail in his sex trafficking case Thursday morning.

According to Bloomberg, Epstein’s request to be confined to his Manhattan, New York, mansion was denied by U.S. District Judge Richard Berman. They report he had offered to foot the bill for armed guards as well as wear a location-tracking ankle bracelet.

Epstein was arrested earlier this month and charged with sex trafficking by federal prosecutors. Since then, Labor Secretary Alex Acosta resigned after defending the plea deal he struck with Epstein as a federal prosecutor and President Donald Trump’s own relationship with the billionaire has been called into question.

Federal prosecutors have said that Epstein sexually abused dozens of underage girls and paid many of them to recruit others. Investigators also said they found “nude photographs of what appear to be underage girls” during a search of his mansion after his arrest.

“I doubt that any bail package can overcome danger to the community,” Berman said, according to Bloomberg.