Jennifer Aniston Talks Lap Dances, Will Coulter’s Testicles and Ryan Gosling With Awkward BBC Reporter (Video)

The "We're the Millers" star endures a barrage of hilariously personal questions from BBC Radio 1's Chris Stark

 Jennifer Aniston sat down for an amazingly awkward (and endearing) interview with Chris Stark during her U.K. promotional tour for new comedy "We're The Millers."

The BBC Radio 1 personality opened with the disclaimer, "I don't do this very often." However, his inexperience perhaps only emboldened him to ask the even harder-hitting questions that the public needs to know – for example, if Aniston's "We're The Millers" co-star Will Coulter flashed his real testicle or if it "was CGI."

"That was his– he's a method actor," Aniston replied. "This is serious for him."

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Stark is famous for his humorous, unconventional interview style; he's best known for asking Mila Kunis out in a March interview that went viral. While he may not have been so bold in this interview, he did let Jennifer Aniston know that she was on his "list" (of celebrities he is allowed to cheat with).

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Whether or not she expected it, Aniston is charming as always.

Watch them discuss lap dances, sex lists, and Ryan Gosling below: