Jennifer Aniston Gets Quizzed on Jennifer Aniston in ‘Wrapid Fire’ Round (Video)

How well does the Golden Globe and SAG-nominated actress know herself when she’s tested against executive editor (and superfan) Joseph Kapsch?

Jennifer Aniston sat down for a far-ranging interview with TheWrap on the eve of the actress scoring both Golden Globe and SAG lead actress nominations for her critically acclaimed role in “Cake.” And Oscar buzz for her standout performance in the film continues to pick up steam within the industry and among awards experts.

In her breakout performance, the former “Friends” star plays a woman, Claire Simmons, who’s suffering with chronic pain and becomes consumed with the suicide of a woman from her support group.

Aniston talked in depth about why she fought so hard for the role, how she “psychosomatically” created pain while filming as well as the emphasis on the “deglamorization” of women for awards roles.

“I was in people’s living rooms every week for 10 years… so I understand that’s a hard shift to make. Or also to not see that person,” Aniston said of being believable in dramatic roles. “So I’ve had to disappear a little deeper into someone else in order to see that. But that’s going farther and farther, hopefully, into the distance.”

But after Aniston answered the more in-depth questions about “Cake,” TheWrap team couldn’t help but seize the opportunity to put Aniston on the hot seat against our executive editor Joseph Kapsch with a round of rapid fire in which Aniston was quizzed on her knowledge of herself against Kapsch, who’s been a longtime #TeamAniston advocate, supporter and fan of the actress.

Among some of the questions were “What season did Aniston win her Emmy for ‘Friends’?,” “What’s her favorite drink?” and “What was her first credited work on IMDB that wasn’t a TV movie?”

For the record: Jennifer Aniston won her Emmy for “Friends” for Season 8 not Season 9, which brings the total in the video quiz to a 4-4 tie. TheWrap regrets the error.

Watch the video and see how well Aniston knows Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston, Joseph Kapsch
Jennifer Aniston at TheWrap’s office