Jennifer Aniston Op-Ed Outcry: Chrissy Teigen, Anna Paquin Rip Piers Morgan’s Criticism

“Why do you ALWAYS take the road of being the piece of s— a–hole?” Teigen tweets

Jennifer Aniston and Piers Morgan
Getty Images

Piers Morgan has managed to infuriate Chrissy Teigen again.

This time, the model and TV personality has taken issue with his stance on Jennifer Aniston‘s recent Huffington Post op-ed, in which the former “Friends” star tore into the tabloids and, in particular, reports that she’s pregnant. Morgan, although a fan of Aniston, argued in a Daily Mail column that if the actress is fed up with having her body judged, she should “stop trying to make it look so Photoshop-perfect on magazine covers.”

“Once you put your body up for lucrative personal gain, I’m afraid you have to accept a level of scrutiny and debate that comes with it. Though intimidatory or overly-intrusive paparazzi behavior is never acceptable,” Morgan wrote, and then concluded, “I commend Jennifer Aniston for finally going public with her concerns about all this stuff. She has a powerful voice and it will provoke important argument. But if she really wants to make a difference to this ugly process, she can start by getting a tiny bit uglier herself and letting us see what she REALLY looks like on a magazine cover.”

“Saw your piece on Jennifer Aniston. Why do you ALWAYS take the road of being the piece of s— a–hole?” Teigen tweeted Wednesday. “Particularly with women and people of color. tell me it’s just for clicks?? Please tell me you aren’t TRULY this vile.”

“I think you aren’t this bad & have simply sold your soul for clicks,” she added. “Which is even sadder than actually believing your garbage.”

“True Blood” star Anna Paquin also took aim at Morgan, a former CNN host and current editor-at-large for the Daily Mail.

“You missed the point by about a mile. As you aren’t a woman in public eye I respectfully suggest you “think and not say”/jog on,” Paquin tweeted. “1) we aren’t actually given the option of not being photo shopped. 2) You’ve never been subjected to this kind of bullying.”

“I’m pretty sure nobody has ever called him fat/pregnant for wearing an ill advised outfit to say grocery shop,” Paquin tweeted, to which Morgan replied he gets “called fat by TV critics every week.”

Morgan tweeted that Teigen blocked him on the social media service after his string of retorts.