Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer Dance on Top of Billy Joel’s Piano to ‘Uptown Girl’ (Video)

Song title choice makes geographic sense at Chicago’s North Side Wrigley Field

Taylor Swift isn’t the only arena act with famous friends.

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer joined Billy Joel on stage at Chicago’s Wrigley Field Thursday for a performance of his hit “Uptown Girl,” adding some dance moves to the music and lyrics.

At first, the two did some apparently loosely choreographed maneuvers with other concertgoers, as Joel sang at an upright mic. Soon, the actresses’ shoes came off and they hopped up on the “Piano Man” singer’s actual baby grand, offering up some more cautious steps.

Afterward, while Lawrence daringly jumped down on her own from on high, Joel graciously helped Schumer down before thanking the duo. The whole thing was caught on jumbo screens and, of course, cellphone cameras.

Lawrence and Schumer are not just friends, they are collaborators. The two are writing a comedic screenplay together in which they play sisters, Lawrence recently revealed.

Watch the video above.