Jennifer Lawrence Recalls Near-Fatal Butt-Scratching Incident (Video)

“Hunger Games” star’s desire to relieve an itch on her posterior almost led to a man’s death, actress reveals

Jennifer Lawrence
Getty Images

Behold, the power of Jennifer Lawrence’s behind — capable of nearly crushing a poor crew member to death.

Lawrence revealed how her desire to scratch an itch on her posterior nearly killed a man while filming “The Hunger Games” during an appearance on “The Graham Norton Show” this week.

As J-Law recalled, she discovered that a set of “sacred rocks” at the location were ideal for relieving itches.

“Oh my god, they were so good for butt-itching,” the actress recalled.

Unfortunately, one day, Lawrence took things an itch too far, and the rock she was scratching against “ended up coming loose.”

“It was a giant boulder, and it rolled down this mountain and almost killed our sound guy. His whole station got destroyed,”‘ Lawrence recalled.

Because of the sacred nature of the rocks, the locals took the mishap as a sign, Lawrence said.

“All the Hawaiians were like, ‘Oh my god, it’s the curse!’” Lawrence recalled. “I was in the corner like, ‘I’m your curse. I wedged it loose with my ass!’”

Someone get this gal a scratching wand for Christmas, before true disaster strikes.

Watch J-Law recall the harrowing event in the video.