Jennifer Lawrence Goes Killer Ballerina in ‘Red Sparrow’ Footage

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Jennifer Lawrence
Getty Images

Say goodbye to the Mockingjay, and hello to the killer ballerina “Red Sparrow.”

Jennifer Lawrence’s upcoming Fox spy thriller finally surfaced in the form of a CinemaCon trailer on Thursday — and Lawrence is in deep Brian De Palma mode.

The Oscar-winner plays Dominika Egorova, a Russian prima ballerina seemingly sabotaged with an injury by another performer in her dance company.

Not wanting to let her able body and dramatic versatility go to waste, Charlotte Rampling recruits her as a spy for the Russian Government. Naturally.

Lawrence has multiple visual personalities: Brooding brunette, redhead ballerina, blonde femme fatale.

While we see her spy training under the watchful eye of Rampling, Fox didn’t quite let Lawrence out of the box — no ass-kicking from the star in this footage … but we can feel it coming.

Lawrence will next appear in Darren Aronofsky’s “mother!” which hits theaters October 13.