Jennifer Lawrence on Why She Bared All for ‘Red Sparrow’ After Nude Photo Hack: ‘I Felt Empowered’

Actress says she was reluctant to take on movie role after 2014 nude photo leak

jennifer lawrence
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Jennifer Lawrence says the requirement for nudity in her upcoming film “Red Sparrow” initially made her reluctant to take on the role because of her nude photo hack in 2014, but she soon felt “empowered.”

“I realized that there was a difference between consent and not and I showed up for the first day and I did it and I felt empowered,” she told “60 Minutes.” “I feel like something that was taken from me I got back and am using in my art.”

In “Red Sparrow,” Lawrence plays Dominika Egorova, a prima ballerina turned assassin, trained to seduce and manipulate. In one scene, she exerts her power over a man by baring all (although not all is shown) in front of a class of assassins-in-training.

Lawrence was among the most high-profile victims of the 2014 nude photo hack. She came out strongly against those who viewed her nude pictures, saying doing so was “a sex crime.”

Calling for a change in the publishing laws surrounding such offenses, Lawrence at the time added, “The fact that somebody can be sexually exploited and violated, and the first thought that crosses somebody’s mind is to make a profit from it. It’s so beyond me. I just can’t imagine being that detached from humanity. I can’t imagine being that thoughtless and careless and so empty inside.”

During her “60 Minutes interview,” which will air on Sunday at 7 p.m. ET/PT, the actress also discussed dropping out of middle school and technically not earning a GED or a diploma.

Asked whether she regretted her decision to drop out, she said, “No. I really don’t. I wanted to forge my own path. I found what I wanted to do and I didn’t want anything getting in the way of it. Even friends, for many years, were not as important to me as my career.”