Jennifer Lawrence Agrees With ‘Passengers’ Jeers: ‘I’m Disappointed I Didn’t Spot It’

Many critics said the film should have started with Lawrence’s character waking up on the spaceship

“Passengers” was heavily criticized by the press, but Jennifer Lawrence is proud of the film, although she wishes she would have “looked deeper” into certain things “before jumping on.”

Many critics, including Entertainment Weekly‘s Chris Nashawaty, called the film “profoundly creepy” and criticized the plot point of the movie where Chris Pratt’s character wakes up Lawrence’s character out of selfish reasons, “effectively giving her a death sentence along with him.” Both characters were on a journey to a distant colony in space, but Pratt’s character woke up 90 years before he should have, meaning both characters would die before the spaceship could reach its destination.

In her new cover story interview with Vogue, Lawrence agreed with those who have suggested the film should have started with her character waking up: “I’m disappointed in myself that I didn’t spot it. I thought the script was beautiful–it was this tainted, complicated love story. It definitely wasn’t a failure. I’m not embarrassed by it by any means. There was just stuff that I wished I’d looked into deeper before jumping on.”

Pratt has previously spoken out about the film’s criticism as well, saying he was “caught off guard” but he definitely learned “a lesson.”

“I personally think the movie is very good, I’m very proud of it,” he added. “I’ll be curious to see if it holds up — the criticism and the movie.”

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“Passengers” debuted last year and has since grossed $300 million worldwide, based on a reported $110 million budget. The film also starred Michael Sheen and Laurence Fishburne and was directed by Morten Tyldum.

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