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Jennifer Lawrence Reveals Bizarre Urination Pic With Her Mom (Video)

”I’m actually peeing in that photo, she has no idea. No clue,“ actress tells late-night host James Corden

That Jennifer Lawrence — she’s quite the whiz kid.

“The Hunger Games” star appeared on CBS’ “The Late Late Show With James Corden” on Tuesday and shared a heartwarming family anecdote — about how she shot a photo with her mother while urinating.

The photo depicts Lawrence’s mother lounging with a wine glass in her hand, while her daughter smiles and squats behind her in a seemingly innocent pose.


“I’m actually peeing in that photo, she has no idea. No clue,” Lawrence shared.

“I went to pee, and then my friend got the phone because she knew I was peeing, and then we both decided to leave my mom out of it,” Lawrence continued.

Informed by host Corden that she has “a very relaxed peeing face,” Lawrence noted, “Yeah, I know how to do it. I’ve done it a lot.”

Well, it probably beats nearly killing a man while scratching your ass.

Watch Lawrence go with the flow in the video.