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Jennifer Lawrence Draws Fire for Story About Scratching Butt on Sacred Hawaiian Rocks

”What quirky racist adventure will Jennifer Lawrence go on next?“ one critic asks after actress relates anecdote from ”Hunger Games“ set

Jennifer Lawrence’s itchy butt is in hot water again, as far as many social-media users are concerned.

The “Hunger Games” star has come under fire after telling a story about nearly killing a crew member while scratching her rear end on sacred rocks while filming the dystopian franchise in Hawaii.

Lawrence relayed the tale while appearing on “The Graham Norton Show” last week, recalling how, while filming “The Hunger Games,” she discovered that a set of “sacred rocks” at the location were ideal for relieving itches.

Unfortunately, one day, Lawrence took things an itch too far, and the rock she was scratching against “ended up coming loose.”

“It was a giant boulder, and it rolled down this mountain and almost killed our sound guy. His whole station got destroyed,”‘ Lawrence recalled.

An amusing anecdote to some, perhaps — but some corners of social media failed to see the humor.

“It doesn’t get more white and evil than Jennifer Lawrence. like. she really thought this was funny…. ,” one J-Law detractor commented Wednesday, along with a clip of the “Graham Norton Show” appearance.

“What quirky racist adventure will Jennifer Lawrence go on next?” another asked.

“She rubbed her butt on a monument ppl used to spiritually represent their ancestors n she thought it was cute,” another critic hissed.

Still another angered social-media user demanded that the actress apologize, tweeting a snippet of a story about her “Norton anecdote with the message, “Please get everyone to rt this to get Jennifer Lawrence to apologize to the Hawaiian people. This is NOT okay.”

“‘Hey Hawaiians, I scratched my ass with your sacred stones, broke one, almost killed a man, and [laughed] at your spirituality.’-Jennifer Lawrence,” another sneered.

One J-Law supporter noted that the actress first told the story in 2013 and didn’t realize the rocks were sacred until afterward, which didn’t seem to sway many opinions.

Talk about being between a rock and an itchy place..