Jennifer Lopez Pulls a Nicki Minaj Teasing New Single With ‘#BootyFromTheBlock’ (Photo)

The 45-year-old singer put her best cheek forward for her upcoming single “Booty” featuring Pitbull

Jennifer Lopez wants the world to know that she’s still got back.

The 45-year-old singer put her best cheek forward to pose for the cover of her upcoming single, “Booty,” featuring Pitbull.

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She posted the image on Instagram on Wednesday with the cryptic message,”#bootyfromtheblock #bootyandthebeat #naturalbooty #bootybootybootybootybootyeverywhere #jlobooty #LOL.”

Fortunately for admirers of the female figure, Pitbull’s booty does not make an appearance to spoil the carefully crafted aesthetic that may or may not have been inspired by Nicki Minaj‘s bootylicious artwork for her latest single, “Anaconda.”

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No word on when “Booty,” Lopez’s third single off of album “A.K.A.,” will debut with a full music video, but here’s what Lopez wants you to feast your eyes on until then: