‘The View’s’ Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd Fire Back At Jimmy Kimmel Diss (Video)

The daytime co-hosts respond to the late night star’s comments

“The View” co-hosts Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy sent a message to late night host Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday: don’t bad mouth their show!

Kimmel recently taunted “The View” after they asked him to send them something nice following Jimmy Fallon‘s pizza gift for Barbara Walters’ last day on the show.

“Barbara’s been gone — what four days? And they’re already begging for hand outs? This is ridiculous!” Kimmel said. “Let me explain something because this seems to be a hard one for a lot of people to understand. The fact that Jimmy Fallon and I have the same first name doesn’t mean we share responsibilities. If he wants to send you pizza, that has nothing to do with me. I’m not sending you anything! I’ll tell you that right now. In fact, you know where I am going to send pizzas? I’ll tell you where, to ‘The Talk.’ Because I can’t tell the difference between them and you either.”

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The audience booed Kimmel’s comments.

“Oh really, Jimmy Kimmel?” Shepherd responded. “Well, we want you to meet our new guest co-host!”

She then pulled out a cardboard cutout of Kimmel like the one Miley Cyrus had when she ridiculed Selena Gomez at a recent concert.

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“And we’re holding him hostage here until we get an apology!” McCarthy added. “I’m going to do foul things to this under the table!”

Watch the video: