Jenny McCarthy Slammed by the Catholic League Over ‘View’ Church Comments

The co-host’s statements about the church have Catholic organization hot under the (skinny white) collar

Holy smoke, Jenny McCarthy — you’ve made a powerful enemy now.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights has taken aim at the recently installed “View” co-host, over comments she made on Wednesday’s episode of the ABC daytime gab-fest.

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According to Donohue, McCarthy “went into a tizzy” about the Church, complaining that her mother was once denied an annulment. As a result, McCarthy said, her mother “cries during Communion because she watches all her friends go up there.”

McCarthy added, “I hope the Pope gets smart and does something about it,” the Catholic League said.

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“Jenny, listen to Bill: If you know of any shortcuts on how to  ‘get smart,’ please test them on yourself before contacting the Holy Father,” Donohue said in his comments about the episode.

Donohue added that McCarthy shared a story — which he deemed “delusional” — about entering the Pope’s apartment and taking a crucifix. (McCarthy recounted a similar story to “Access Hollywood” last year.)

Presumably as a result of her sacrilege, Donohue predicted that McCarthy — who he refers to as a “former porn star” — will flame out on the show.

“Look for Jenny to either fully crash, or get booted, real soon,” Donohue said.