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Jenny Slate Goes Full-Blown ’90s in First ‘Landline’ Trailer (Video)

California Raisins, Discmans, track suits and Benihana abound

Amazon Studios hot Sundance acquisition “Landline” is approaching release, and the retiming of Gillian Robespierre (“Obvious Child”) and Jenny Slate is a 1990s paradise.

Edie Falco, John Turturro, newcomer Abby Quinn and Jay Duplass round out the indie, about a dysfunctional Manhattan family grappling with transitions in their lives amidst a cheating scandal in their house.

Amazon cut a $3 million check for rights to the film, which revels in its time period and is sure to be a massive nostalgia trap.

Gems like The California Raisins, record stores with “listening towers,” insane fashion like nylon tracksuits, payphones, Rolling Stone covers with Winona Ryder, mini-backpacks, Hibachi-style restaurants like Benihana and more pop up in the trailer.

The callbacks are fun to relive but Robespierre told TheWrap she was insistent the family pathos stayed timeless.

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“We wanted it to be if you took the ’90s out of the story, it would still be a really nice, thoughtful, full story,” Robespierre said in January. “We set it in the ’90s because we didn’t want to have to rely on Facebook and Instagram as a device to tell a story about kids and people cheating.”

“Landline” hits theaters on July 21.