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‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Claims She Predicted Her Exact Winnings

The power of visualization or the power of Twitter trickery? You decide

If “Jeopardy!” champ Katie Sekelsky ever tires of trivia tournaments, she may have a bright future as a psychic. According to Sekelsky, she predicted the exact dollar amount of her winnings before stepping on stage for her first taping.

On Wednesday, Sekelsky, a graphic designer from Kent, Ohio, shared a fascinating behind-the-scenes tidbit on Twitter, claiming that some pre-show doodles didn’t just calm her nerves but sealed her fate as well.

“The night before my first ‘Jeopardy’ taping, I was alone in the hotel, trying to calm down and ‘visualizing’ a win. I sketched myself at a podium, with a winning-type dollar amount. And that winning-type dollar amount was $19,201. This is real.”

Although a bolo tie was visibly absent from Sekelsky’s on-air ensemble, the amount on the podium in the drawing did match the contestant’s final total. She insisted that the drawing did not influence her wagering on the show and that she sent the drawing to multiple people before the taping, tweeting, “THERE ARE RECEIPTS.”

She also added that she was “merely making the wager that a year+ of wager strategy studying prepared me for.”

Sekelsky’s claim has some fans believing in magic and others skeptical to say the least.

Sekelsky enjoyed a three-episode winning streak on the show before losing Wednesday on a clue that was meant to be Buzz Lightyear but she answered was Osmosis Jones. Although she’s probably wishing she’d made a few more winning drawings, Sekelsky is thankful for her “Jeopardy” experience, her only regret being that she didn’t bring more neckwear along.

In a Thursday tweet she wrote, “Thank you for all the cheers this past week! Fulfilling my life-long dream of being on ‘Jeopardy’ was a BLAST! And the fact that I got to step up to the podium FOUR times was more than I’d ever dreamed of. I mean, I only even had three bolo ties with me!”