Jerry O’Connell Admits On ‘The View’ He Was Scared Of Shia LaBeouf

O’Connell feared the “Transformers” star would strike back over spoof

On ABC’s “The View” Thursday, actor Jerry O’Connell acknowledged that he was terrified that Shia LaBeouf would confront him over his #IAmNotSorry” parody art installation.

After acknowledging that LaBeouf’s #IAmSorry art exhibition ran next door to O’Connell’s, and that the “Transformers” star  “has a bit of a temper.” “View” co-host Sherri Shepherd asked: “Were you scared that Shia would come over?”

“Was I scared? Yes!” O’Connell said. “I was scared because I was wearing a bag on my head and I couldn’t see through it! I was like, listen, if he’s running in here someone just give me a warning!”

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O’Connell mocked the troubled actor as part of a skit and his video immediately went viral.

Watch O’Connell admit his fears below: