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Jim Carrey Accuses Trump of 'Inciting Civil Unrest' in Latest Artwork

"A real President doesn't do this. A real congress won't allow him to," the actor/artist writes

President Trump's raucous rallies campaigning for Republican candidates before the November midterm election have gotten Jim Carrey's attention... and not in a good way.

The actor's latest work of art has an angry Trump screaming in the foreground, with the stars and stripes of the America flag in a heap behind him.

"Donald Trump is now inciting civil unrest at his rallies, threatening the safety of our citizens. A real President doesn't do this. A real congress won't allow him to. Vote.gov," the caption reads.

Ahead of the midterm election that many are speculating will result in Democrats gaining control of the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate, the president has hit the road with a packed schedule of rallies in hopes of turning Trump voters into voters for local and state Republicans.

And playing to that base, apparently, means criticizing just about everyone else.

"The president, more than ever, is channeling his internal frustration and fear into a ravenous maw of grievance and invective," the Washington Post reported.

"He is churning out false statements with greater frequency and attacking his perceived enemies with intensifying fury."