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Jim Carrey Takes on ‘Castrato’ Adam Schiff and Other Dems in New Artwork

”We’ve had it with your calm, reasonable manner!“ actor/artist writes while unveiling his latest work

Happy Memorial Day weekend, Adam Schiff. Jim Carrey has some food for thought for you to chew on over your three-day breather.

Actor and emerging artist Carrey, who often uses his talents to take jabs at Donald Trump and others on the Republican end of the political spectrum, took aim instead at Congressman Adam Schiff and other Democrats, imploring them to put some oomph into their battles with the president in a piece posted to his Twitter account Friday.

Schiff — who represents California’s 28th congressional district and is the ranking Democrat on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence — came in for a particularly rough assessment from Carrey, who characterized Schiff as a “castrato.”

“A word to the castrato Adam Schiff and other Democrats: If you can’t win a PR war against this mobbed up, dirty, rotten Cheeto, then you need to get out of politics,” Carrey wrote.

“Get mad, Godd—it!” Carrey continued. “Show some passion! We’ve had it with your calm, reasonable manner! MAKE SOME F’ING NOISE!!!”

Carrey’s accompanying artwork depicted Schiff with his pants around his ankles and his shirttails pulled back to reveal a distinct lack of genitals.

Behind him, a donkey — a longstanding symbol of the Democratic party — stands with its hind legs raised, seemingly poised to kick Schiff in the rear end.

If you’re looking to kick off your own Memorial Day weekend with a rousing call to action, check out Carrey’s latest work below.

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