Jimmy Fallon and Charles Barkley Are ‘Awful’ Partners During ‘Tonight Show’ Charades (Video)

Fallon and Barkley partner against Ewan McGregor and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy

Jimmy Fallon partnered with Charles Barkley for what was supposed to be a fun game of Charades on “The Tonight Show.” They paired off against Ewan McGregor and Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy.

But the game quickly got serious for Fallon and Barkley after Barkley failed to guess “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” All he had to work with, though, was that it was four words and Fallon was flailing around doing his best karate moves.

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Of course, Barkely shouting out “Karate Kid” didn’t help matters. “Four words!” Fallon yelled at him once time ran out.

After Fallon sat, though, Barkley turned to him so he could address his partner directly. “That was awful,” he explained after chastising Fallon for such a terrible clue.

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Their partnership didn’t get much better as the game progressed, with Fallon having no idea what Barkley was doing for “Ice Ice Baby.” Going into the final round, McGregor and Tweedy had a one-point lead.

Check out the video above to see who emerged triumphant after the showdown round, during which both Fallon and McGregor were giving wordless clues for “Titanic” at the same time.

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