Fallon Teases Dems for Needing Obama’s Endorsements: ‘Tell Me You’re Nervous About the Midterms Without Telling Me’ (Video)

Fallon also poked fun at Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter

Barack Obama has hit the campaign trail for some fellow Democrats in the final leg leading up to this month’s midterm elections. And for Jimmy Fallon, that’s probably the clearest sign that the party is a bit worried for how the results are going to turn out.

That said, Fallon couldn’t deny that the former president is still a beloved figure. During his Halloween monologue on Monday night, the late night host pulled up footage of one of Obama’s recent appearances in Michigan. In the footage, Obama admitted that being out campaigning is a bit harder than it was when he was running for president, just because he’s older now.

In response, a woman in the background got a bit flirty, and called out to Obama saying he’s “still fine.” Both Obama and Fallon got a good laugh at that, with the latter comparing that reaction to a more tepid version of “fine” applied to Obama’s former VP.

“That’s the one difference between Obama and Biden,” Fallon joked. “When Obama was on stage, people were like ‘He is fine!’ And when Biden’s on stage, people are like “He’s fine…’”

Fallon also suggested that, after that woman’s comment, Michelle Obama might’ve encouraged her husband to stop the campaign appearance tour. Jokes on the man’s appearance aside though, Fallon noted that Obama’s presence at these campaign stops seem to be a big play by the Democrats — like a bit of a hail Mary.

“That’s right, the Democrats have deployed Obama on the campaign trail. Tell me you’re nervous about the midterms without telling me you’re nervous about the midterms,” he said.

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.