Jimmy Fallon Has a Spiritual Experience With Jared Leto… And Then Cuts His Beard (Video)

Things got weird on “Tonight”

Jimmy Fallon has become an expert at convincing celebrities to do weird things with him,

It is unclear whether it took any persuasion to get Jared Leto to participate in the bit they performed last night — and whether Leto thought it was a bit at all.

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Remember, during Leto’s successful awards season campaign last year, the world learned that the former teen heartthrob has quite the spiritual and philosophical side to him. He grew up on a hippie commune, loves the book “Siddhartha” by Hermann Hesse, has compared his band 30 Seconds to Mars to a religion, and will never abandon the Ukraine.

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So, it only made sense that Fallon had Leto join him for an intense meditation session and staredown atop a green screen mountain. If you’re going to try to find your zen peace during a raucous late night program, Leto is the guest with whom to do it.

Even if you do end up cutting his beard afterward.