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Jimmy Fallon Hooks Mark Ruffalo Up to a Lie Detector to Uncover ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Secrets (Video)

”I don’t want to get fired again,“ the Hulk actor says

Jimmy Fallon knows that of all the Avengers, Mark Ruffalo is probably the worst at keeping secrets. Ahead of the new trailer for “Avengers: Endgame” dropping this morning, Fallon hooked the actor who plays Bruce Banner up to a lie detector in order to extract any “Endgame” secrets.

“I don’t want to get fired again,” Ruffalo said, referring to the last time he appeared on “The Tonight Show” when he revealed that the title of the new movie was “Endgame.” The title was bleeped, but internet sleuths figured it out anyway. Ruffalo even inadvertently said during a junket that everyone dies at the end of “Infinity War.” No one believed him, but they should have based the look on Don Cheadle’s face during Ruffalo’s reveal.

Fallon first asked if The Hulk is actually a shape-shifting Skrull alien, as revealed in “Captain Marvel.” Survey says…Ruffalo’s lying when he says he can’t answer that.

Next up, are there any secret clues in the trailer we haven’t uncovered yet, Fallon asked. Ruffalo said no, which was a “lie,” but then Marvel dropped a new trailer Thursday morning, which makes it all moot anyway. “This is BS,” Ruffalo shouted.

Then Fallon asked if Bruce Banner and Black Widow will get together romantically. The needle moved furiously again. Ruffalo then got one right when Fallon asked if Cheadle is sexier than he is.

Finally, Fallon asked if everyone who got snapped by Thanos was actually gone, or if they could come back? Ruffalo pleaded the fifth and snapped himself to end the segment.

Watch Ruffalo’s segment on “The Tonight Show” from Wednesday above.