Jimmy Fallon Jokes That Trump Loves Hunter Biden After Salacious Indictment Details: ‘I’ll Adopt Him!’ | Video

The NBC host contrasts Joe Biden’s real responses with imagined Trump answers on “The Tonight Show”

During his monologue on Friday’s “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon joked that Donald Trump is likely to have a big change of heart about Hunter Biden thanks to the indictment of the president’s son this week.

Specifically, after noting that Biden’s father, President Joe Biden, said straight up that he would not pardon Hunter if he’s convicted, Fallon joked that Trump said, “Pardon him? I’ll adopt him!”

For context, this week Hunter Biden essentially had the book thrown at him by Special Counsel David Weiss over his taxes. The indictment dings the younger biden for failing to pay taxes on numerous personal expenses and income, most during his public addiction, though some of the instances came later.

It’s complicated, and you can read more about it here. The main thing for the purposes of getting Fallon’s jokes is that a lot of highly salacious details about Hunter Biden’s personal life have been made public.

Now, back to Fallon who, during his monologue, got to the topic and said, “Hunter Biden was indicted on nine tax charges. Yeah, in the 56-page indictment he’s accused of dodging federal taxes, making false payments on Venmo and fraud.”

Then Fallon contrasted Joe Biden’s forthright reaction to this scandal with Donald Trump, saying, “When asked how he feels about Hunter not paying his taxes, President Biden said ‘It is very disappointing.’ While former President Trump said, ‘OMG, it me.’”

“Next, when asked how he feels about Hunter Venmoing $1,500 to an exotic dancer, President Biden said, ‘It’s irresponsible,’ while Trump said, “pro tip: if you send the Venmo to ‘Charity,’ they don’t realize it’s a stripper’s name.”

“Finally,” Fallon said as he wrapped the bit up, “when asked if he considered pardoning Hunter, President Biden said, ‘No.’ Trump said, ‘Pardon him? I’ll adopt him!’”

Watch the whole monologue above now.


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