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Jimmy Fallon and Jude Law Made Terrifyingly Ugly Faces on the ‘Tonight Show’ (Video)

A silly competition became the stuff of (adorable) nightmares, and a symbol of the show’s difference from ”Jimmy Kimmel Live!“

If you want to know the fundamental difference between “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” all you have to do is look at a pair of small segments that aired on the programs on Tuesday night.

Fallon put in a request for parents to send in videos of their kids making extremely silly faces. Some of them turned out sort of grotesque, in that chubby cheeked, adorable child kind of way. Then, he and guest Jude Law did their best impressions of those kids’ faces, which was decidedly less cute.

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That Kimmel also presented a bit starring little kids doing the darndest things was entirely coincidental, but a perfect microcosm of the distinction between the shows: The ABC host sent a camera to Hollywood Blvd. to ask children to say the naughtiest words they knew.

As it turns out, some of them knew some pretty naughty words.

Neither bit, of course, pushed the envelope of broadcast decency, but they still stand as strong examples of the show that the respective 11:30 pm hosts put on each night.