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Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Spit Rhymes on ‘History Of Rap 5’ (Video)

The pals educated the audience on ’90s classics from the Beastie Boys, Jay Z, NWA and many more legendary rappers

In its first week on the air, the main thing we have learned about Jimmy Fallon‘s “Tonight Show” is that it’s going to look a lot like the program he put on for five years at “Late Night.”

After revisiting his “History of [Insert Noun Here] Dancing” series with Will Smith, bringing back the faux-teen show “Ew!” with Will Ferrell and Michelle Obama, and even once again cutting footage of NBC News anchor Brian Williams to make it look like he was spitting rhymes, Fallon revived perhaps his most famous bit with his most famous guest: “The History of Rap,” with Justin Timberlake.

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The buddies have slowly been making their way through the thirty-plus year history of the genre, with this new edition — the first on “Tonight” — focusing in on iconic late ’80s and ’90s acts like NWA, Jay Z, the Beastie Boys and Run DMC, with some more contemporary verses from Kanye West and Drake sprinkled in there, too.

In fact, the whole track list can be found on Fallon’s Tumblr.