Fallon Creates Montage of Kevin McCarthy’s ‘Best Moments’ as House Speaker – That’s Only One Clip Long (Video)

“Nine months! Even Aaron Rodgers was like ‘Damn, that was fast,” the NBC host mocks

Jimmy Fallon wanted to pay tribute to Kevin McCarthy’s time as Speaker of the House on Tuesday night, so he put together a touching montage of McCarthy’s best moments in the job. Er, we should say, best moment.

McCarthy was ousted from the position on Tuesday afternoon, in a move led by Florida congressman Matt Gaetz, after Democrats refused to step in and save him. In the end, the vote was 216-210, bringing McCarthy’s tenure in the job to an end less than a year into his run.

“Now that McCarthy’s run as Speaker of the House is over, I thought it’d be fun to take a look back at his greatest moments as Speaker of the House,” Fallon prefaced.

What followed was a single clip of McCarthy banging his gavel. He didn’t speak, it was unclear what he was even ruling on. It was simply a less-than-one-second-long clip.

When the montage ended, Fallon jokingly wiped away fake tears, and moved right along with his monologue.

Of course, the NBC host didn’t pass up the opportunity to mock the fact that McCarthy only had the job for nine months, joking that he’s been to “Phish concerts that lasted longer.”

“Nine months! Even Aaron Rodgers was like ‘Damn, that was fast,” Fallon mocked.

You can watch Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.


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