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Jimmy Fallon Makes Long List of Things More Fun Than a Trump Rally (Video)

Items included ”watching ’50 Shades’ with your parents“ and ”spellchecking Betsy DeVos“

Like most of the other late-night hosts on Monday, Jimmy Fallon used his opening monologue on “The Tonight Show” to take some shots at Donald Trump for his speech in Pennsylvania on Saturday where Trump unveiled his 2020 campaign slogan. Fallon countered Trump’s braggadocio by listing off a bunch of decidedly unfun things that are still more fun than attending a Trump rally.

“You guys excited about March Madness? Not the basketball tournament. I’m talking about Trump’s speech over the weekend,” Fallon said to kick things off. “Did you see that? It was insane. I guess on Saturday Trump spoke at a big campaign rally in Pennsylvania. At one point, he said that he really can’t wait for 2020. While the rest of America was like, ‘neither can we.’ Trump was in Moon Township, Pennsylvania. When he got to Moon Township, he was like, wow, this place looks exactly like Earth. How’d we get here on the moon?”

After mentioning Trump’s campaign slogan for 2020, “Keep America Great!,” Fallon then jokingly listed off some alternative catchphrases Trump’s people had considered but decided against, complete with images of the fake slogans rendered on Trump’s trademark red hats, including “I mean, it can’t get worst than it already is” and “come on, doesn’t some small part of you sort of want to see where this all goes?”

“Later on during his speech, Trump asked the crowd a pretty interesting question. Take a look at this,” Fallon said before showing a clip of Trump posing this question at the rally Saturday: “Is there any more fun than at a Trump rally?”

“Well, it turns out there are actually a lot of fun things that are more fun than a Trump rally. Which brings us to our new segment, ‘Things That Are More Fun Than a Trump Rally.'”

Then an image of Trump at the rally appeared while dozens of not-fun things scrolled past, including “shattering your iPhone screen,” “going for a hug while the other person goes for a handshake,” “leaning on wet paint,” “getting a tattoo with a typo,” and “spellchecking Betsy DeVos.”

For the full list of things more fun than a Trump rally from Monday’s “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon” — which, we should note, is not necessarily an exhaustive list even though it has lots of stuff on it — you can check out the video of his monologue at the top of this post.

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