Jimmy Fallon Says He’s Impressed Michael Cohen Avoided Same Room as Trump for 5 Years: Nearly Broke ‘Melania’s Record’ (Video)

Cohen and Trump were reunited in a courtroom this week

Donald Trump and his former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen came face to face in court this week, marking the first time in five years that the two men were in the same room. And that fact very much impressed Jimmy Fallon — but it also bummed him out.

During his monologue on Tuesday night, the NBC host applauded Cohen for going so long without seeing Trump, but mourned the end of the streak. Because, Fallon joked, Cohen could’ve had a real shot at stacking up against Trump’s wife.

“Damn, only five more years and he would’ve broken Melania’s record,” Fallon joked.

That said, Fallon had a grand old time imagining how the reunion between Trump and Cohen went, joking that “it was the showdown everyone’s been waiting for.”

“Even the judge was like ‘Oooh, this is getting juicyy!’” Fallon joked.

The late night host added that things were particularly tense in the room, considering Cohen was the first of now many Trump allies to turn on the former president.

“Trump couldn’t believe Cohen turned on him,” Fallon said. “He was like ‘Besides being the reason you went to jail, what did I ever do to you?’”

You can watch Jimmy Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.


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