Jimmy Fallon Reveals Hacked Findings of 23andMe: ‘We Now Know’ Biden Is ‘40% Irish and 60% Dust’ | Video

Meanwhile, Marjorie Taylor Greene is “1% Hungarian, 99% Karen”

Genetic testing site 23andMe was hacked this week, and on Wednesday night, NBC host Jimmy Fallon took some time to “reveal” the shocking leaks — including the fact that President Biden is “60% dust,” while Marjorie Taylor Greene is “99% Karen.”

According to CNN, the ancestry reports of nearly seven million users were obtained by hackers. “And apparently, it includes the data of some people in the news,” Fallon warned. From there, he launched into exactly who those people are — but of course, not their real data.

“For instance, we now know that President Biden is 40% Irish, and 60% dust,” Fallon joked. “Did you know that? Now you know! It’s released.”

Other targets included Prince Harry, who is apparently “80% Ed Sheeran,” Gavin Newsom, who is “90% L.A. Looks Hair Gel,” the Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner, and more.

Fallon also included Florida governor Ron DeSantis and congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on his list.

“Look at this, Marjorie Taylor Greene is 1% Hungarian, 99% Karen,” he joked. He later added, “Plus, we now know that Ron DeSantis is 20% Italian, and 80% an alien trying to act human.”

You can watch Jimmy Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.


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