Jimmy Fallon Says Chris Christie’s Presidential Dropout Proves ‘He’s Just Like Us’: ‘Made a Goal for 2024 and Then Quit 10 Days In’ | Video

“It happens to everybody,” the NBC host jokes

Chris Christie officially dropped out of the 2024 presidential race this week and, for Jimmy Fallon, it’s pretty clear proof that Christie is “just like us.” Why? Well, because he resolved to do something in 2024, but dropped it within two weeks.

Fallon kicked off his monologue on Thursday night by joking that his Uber driver was pretty excited that Matthew McConaughey would be the show’s guest, to which Fallon responded with “That’s nice Governor Christie, I’ll pass that along.” With that stepping off point, Fallon immediately began poking fun at Christie officially dropping out of the race, despite saying just days earlier that he had no thoughts of doing so.

But, Fallon did appreciate it on some level.

“Christie’s just like us,” he joked. “He made a goal for 2024 and then quit 10 days into January. It happens! It happens to everybody.”

Fallon also homed in on Christie’s promise to still focus on keeping Trump out of the White House indefinitely, calling back to a certain scandal involving the former governor.

“Christie said, if he has to, he could always shut down the roads leading to the White House,” Fallon joked. “He’ll do whatever — he can always do that.”

The “Tonight Show” host was, of course, referring to what became known as “Bridgegate,” in which a staff member of Christie’s colluded with people Christie appointed to intentionally create unsafe traffic jams.

You can watch Jimmy Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.


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