Jimmy Fallon Mocks Trump’s Promise of ‘Ratings Gold’ If He Did Super Bowl Interview: Yup, ‘That Famously Unpopular Super Bowl’ | Video

The NBC host jokes that “it’s for the best” Biden won’t do the interview, though

Donald Trump is more than willing to take President Biden’s spot in the annual pre-Super Bowl presidential interview, promising that he’d deliver “ratings gold.” That gave Jimmy Fallon a chuckle on Monday night, as he sarcastically noted that the “famously unpopular” worldwide event definitely needs the help.

In a post to his social media account on Monday, Trump wrote that Biden’s choice was “a great decision,” and eagerly volunteered to take the slot instead. “I WOULD BE HAPPY TO REPLACE HIM – would be ‘RATINGS GOLD!’” Trump wrote.

“Yep, Trump would help ratings for that famously unpopular Super Bowl thing,” Fallon mocked.

Elsewhere in his monologue, Fallon poked fun at President Biden declining the interview for the second year in a row, saying that “it’s for the best,” considering his age.

“Don’t worry, Biden will still be part of the game. He’s gonna show up in commercials for Flomax, Lipitor and Cialis,” Fallon joked. “So, he’ll be with us.”

The late night host also took issue with the idea that a presidential interview prior to the Super Bowl is considered a tradition, given the fact that it’s only been happening since 2009.

“That’s like a restaurant named Ye Olde Tavern, established 2022,” he said. “How old-with-an-E-on-the-end is this place?”

In honor of the Super Bowl this weekend, Fallon also ran down the fashion of NFL players, giving creative names for each of their looks, ranging from the “Watched ‘Yellowstone’ Once” to the “Poorly Disguised Cop at a School Dance.”

You can watch Jimmy Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.


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