Jimmy Fallon Mocks Trump Possibly Losing Half a Billion in a Week: ‘Should Be Comparing Himself to Elon Musk,’ Not Taylor Swift | Video

Trump has indeed been saying he’s “more popular” than the singer

Between the $83.3 million Donald Trump was ordered to pay to E. Jean Carroll and the possibility of another $370 million verdict in his New York civil fraud trial, the legally troubled ex-president could lose close to half a billion dollars in the span of one week. So, Jimmy Fallon thinks Trump should probably start comparing himself to Elon Musk, rather than Taylor Swift.

Indeed, Trump has reportedly been “grousing” about being “more popular” than the singer, according to Rolling Stone, with “more committed” fans. And the NBC host latched onto that almost immediately in his monologue on Wednesday night.

“I’m not sure Trump has more committed fans, but he definitely has more fans who have been committed,” Fallon joked.

The “Tonight Show” host then went on to list “similarities” between the two, before debunking the comparison altogether based on Trump’s financial struggles.

“Trump could lose almost half a billion dollars in less than a week!” Fallon marveled. “Instead of Taylor Swift, he should be comparing himself to Elon Musk!”

You can watch Jimmy Fallon’s full monologue in the video above.


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